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This website is the accumulation of my work as a Bible teacher and preacher since 1980. These materials are offered free of charge with the intent of helping the student of God's word study beneath the surface and teach more effectively. The true endeavor of such study is to see ourselves as we really are - as God sees us - for it is only then that we can harmonize our lives with our Savior's character and will.

Most information contained here represents my own thoughts; all quoted passages are so noted. However, I claim no ultimate originality in my writing and preaching. My thinking has undoubtedly been shaped by thousands of influences, most of which I am probably no longer conscious. I do not speak from higher theological training. I consider myself a Biblical "layman." However, I believe it is to the honest layman that God truly speaks. There is no attempt to plagiarize or misrepresent. I am solely responsible for the content herein.

So feel free to peruse the site for useful information. Use the material as you see fit. I would only ask that you represent it accurately and that you would cite the source. This is not for publicity, but it gives people somewhere to go if they have questions or if they desire further study materials. May God bless us all in our pursuit of truth, for truth is the only thing that truly sets us free (John 8:32).

Jim Jonas – Musings

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Jim Jonas – Musings


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Jim Jonas – Musings

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